The ESMM Archive covers over 50 years of East Suffolk Morris Men's history. For convenience it is divided into the sections indicated by the buttons above.

Why not start by viewing an A / V slideshow introducing many aspects of:
"Life in the Years of East Suffolk Morris Men"

Most of the information is presented in picture format organised as three Yearbooks:
pre-2008, our Golden Jubilee year 2008, and post-2008 years. In addition there are Audio & Video clips in their respective sites, some of which are stored & played on external content websites.

In the About section of the archive you can find more information about ESMM the Morris and associated topics of such as Wassail, Mummers Plays.

The General section of the Archives here selects topics of interest - for example, Overseas Tours, our Visitors or Ring meetings. Here you may find fuller accounts of our more major events.